Redefining the Way You Discover Stocks

One-stop solution to help you find, analyze and trade the hottest stocks, all in one seamless platform.

A Unified Solution For All Your Stock Market Needs

One-stop solution to help you find, analyze and trade the hottest stocks, all in one seamless platform.


Discover stocks by monitoring stock market activity from sources like News media, Twitter, Reddit, regulatory filings.


Get all the information about a stock's price action, company financials and market activity in one single place for easy analytics.


Connect multiple existing brokerage accounts or open a new brokerage account without ever leaving Encome.

Import holdings from multiple existing brokerage accounts, all in one place

Connect your existing brokerage accounts or open a new one with our broker partners to get started.

Link Your Account

Link existing brokerage accounts to start trading; import & manage your holdings in one place

Open New Account

Open a free new brokerage account directly from Encome with the brokers you already know and trust.

One portfolio solution to manage it all

Connect with any of India's 14 most trusted brokers to import your existing holdings and get comprehensive portfolio analytics.

User Features

User friendly features such as Watchlists, Portfolio Management, Ability to save content, and real-time alerts to help you get the most out of your investments.


Create a watchlist of your favorite stocks, twitter users or reddit users to monitor easily

Portfolio Tracking

Understand the performance of your investments with our portfolio tracking

Saved Posts

Found something interesting? Bookmark it in your "Saved Posts" to see it later

Real-time Alerts

Coming Soon!

Set alerts to get notified in real-time for price movements or activity spikes

Powerful Filters and Intuitive UI

  • Powerful filtering to help you sort data by Stocks, Activity, Time, and many other parameters
  • Aesthetically pleasing visualizations and graphics to help you discover meaningful insights
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Discover & Analyze Trending Stocks

Financial Data

Live quotes and technical indicators for listed stocks with financial information of the companies


Monitor subreddits like r/indianstreetbets and many others directly from Encome


Live twitter stream to help you discover the "trending" stocks


Curating 8 news sources to bring you the pulse of the market

Regulatory Filings

Earnings, Dividends, Corporate Actions etc. via our BSE filings tracker


Level II Markets, Options, Futures and more coming soon!

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